Trying to download video

02/17/2004 12:11 pm
I am attempting to download a streaming video:

Can this be done?

Thanks for any help!
Oleg Chernavin
02/18/2004 03:29 am
I just tried to view the video, but the page displays nothing except "Loading". I studied sources of the player, but I was unable to find any link to a real streaming file.

Can you try the following - when the video starts playing right-click on the video. You should get a context menu with various choices. One of them should be Properties and it should contain the actual stream URL. Copy the URL and paste it into Offline Explorer Pro to download.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/19/2004 05:56 am
The Stream URL is.

This was found by using Project URL Snooper.
URL Snooper & Packet Sniffer software list.

I could not download this with Offline Explorer Pro.
There are other programs that can download it.
Streaming media recording software list.
SDP Multimedia or Net Transport are good choices.

The entire video clip is about 32 minutes long.
The video that plays at the site starts at about 1 minute into the clip and plays for about 7 minutes.

The player JavaScript creates a type of ASX redirector.
You can see the source code of this redirector with this view-source:URL.

The important part of this can be condensed down to this ASX text.

<REF HREF ="mms://"/>
<STARTTIME VALUE="0:1:1.767" />
<DURATION VALUE="0:7:0.865999999999985" />

You can copy the above into a text file and then change the extension to .asx
You can then use this .asx file to play the clip with the exact start and duration time.
You can also use this .asx file with a program called WM Recorder to record with the exact start and duration time.
Streaming media recording software list.

Run WM Recorder using Browse Mode Recording.
Run .asx file to play and record the video clip.
Oleg Chernavin
02/19/2004 09:43 am
I just fixed downloading this kind of streams. You can get the updated version of Offline Explorer Pro executable file here: