Problem with downloading Javascript-Links

02/17/2004 10:52 am
Hello OEP-Support!

I`m using Offline Explorer Pro for a while and I`m very happy about the functions it supports.

I know about the OEP problems to solve Javascript-calculations to follow more links, but maybe my following problem could be solved with the new 3.0 version, that supports more js-calculations (as described in the features of the new version).

The Problem I faced on some webpages, i.e. at

On some pages (i.e. "") are javascript-calls to popup a window with a specified page, i.e.:
<a href="javascript:ZSF(`bodensw_10`,`../schnitte/`);">

The function ZSF would open up the new window:
function ZSF(schnittnr,pathtophp)
var qstring = `?nr=` + schnittnr;
var schnittwnd = + `showschnittvorschau.php4` + qstring, "SchnittFenster","width=400,height=590,screenX=0,screenY=0,scrollbars=yes");

So the URL of the page in the window would have the name

But OEP changes the javascript-call to
<a href="javascript:ZSF(`bodensw_10`,`../schnitte/default.htm`);">

and so it would open the page

that doesn`t exist and I get a 404 error message in the popup window while browsing the offline pages.

Could you tell me a solution for my problem, I`ve tried a lot now with the new version but I couldn`t solve it.

Thanks for your help!
Oleg Chernavin
02/18/2004 07:59 am

Sorry for the delay. I just fixed the problem. If you want the updated version, please let me know.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/18/2004 09:17 am

please tell me the link on this page or with email where I can download the fixed program.


Oleg Chernavin
02/18/2004 02:20 pm
You can download the updated oe.exe file here:

Please let me know how it works.

02/19/2004 09:14 am
Hi Oleg!

It works well, the javascript call (i.e. <a href="javascript:ZSF(`bodensw_10`,`../schnitte/`);">) stays the same without inserting "default.htm". But the page that should be called with it ( is not downloaded.

Is it possible that this happens, because the javascript-function ZSF() that opens the new window is not in the same file, because it is included from a jsp-file and so OEP can`t solve the js-code and can`t download the page??

Oleg Chernavin
02/19/2004 01:25 pm
Yes, right now Offline Explorer cannot evaluate functions that pass certain parameters from a Web page to an external .js file. We plan to add this in future versions, because it is quite complex to implement.