Functionality differences between registered and unregistered

02/10/2004 08:39 am
Could you tell me the differences between being registered and unregistered. Today whilist using hte product a dialog box popped up telling me i am 8 days into my trial and the registred full version has features and functions turned on that do not work in the trial. What are these ? does it have anything to do with filters that seem to be not doing as your help file says they do ?

This could answer lots of questions for me as to why certain things are/are not happening like i think they should according to my understanding of your help files ....

Oleg Chernavin
02/11/2004 03:53 pm

There are no differencies between them. We thought a lot about limiting trial versions, but decided to keep only the About screen warning about the trial 30 days. Another minor thing is that you cannot turn off the Splash screen until register the program.

Our goal is to allow everyone to test all capabilities of the program instead of buying something advertised. We want to be open and frank with all our users and only unrestricted trial versions allow that.

So, filters should work in Offline Explorer and I haven`t experienced anything wrong with them. Perhaps some of your Project settings do an opposite thing. Just let me know your Project settings and I will show you what to change there.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff