Move OE Pro And Folder To Another Computer

Marc Cunningham
02/09/2004 09:00 am
I decided to move my copy of OE Pro, along with all my downloaded projects, from Computer A to Computer B. The default download folder on Computer A is E:\OfflineExplorerPro. I installed OE Pro on Computer B and then created a default download folder, G:\OfflineExplorer Pro. I used the Export function to successfully export all the files from E:\OfflineExplorerPro on Computer A to G:\OfflineExplorerPro on Computer B.

I cannot get the copy of OE Pro on Computer B to recognize the files in G:\OfflineExplorerPro. When I open the copy of OE Pro on Computer B, there is no Browse button. Even though the folder OfflineExplorerPro is shown the left-hand window, and all the files exported from E:\OfflineExplorerPro are in G:\OfflineExplorerPro, when I double-click on the OfflineExplorerPro folder name in OE Pro on Computer B, the folder does not expand to show a directory tree, showing all the projects I moved from Computer A.

Fortunately, I have not yet uninstalled OE Pro from Computer A, nor have I deleted E\OfflineExplorerPro, so I can re-do the export of files to Computer B if necessary.

How do I get OE Pro on Computer B to open all the projects now in G:\OfflineExplorerPro?
Oleg Chernavin
02/09/2004 11:26 am
The Export feature is not intended to transfer files to another Offline Explorer Pro copy. What you need is simply copy (using Windows Explorer) all files and folders of E:\OfflineExplorerPro to G:\OfflineExplorer Pro. Then copy all files from the "Projects, Maps and Templates directory" in the Options dialog of Offline Explorer Pro to another computer (to the location set in another Offline Explorer Pro on the second computer). Please quit Offline Explorer Pro on the second computer before copying all files.

This should help.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff