More problems ;-(

02/05/2004 04:03 pm
HI Oleg
Sorry to bring more bad news. The program is just not stable !!!!!

in the continuing melodrama trying to browse captured web sites the program keeps losing them and does wierd things when you try to recover them

This evening i went into the program to browse sites and when i opened the program they were not there as usual. I recovered them but something strange happened. Both sites got put into one folder. Now they are all mixed up !! i wanted to keep the directories and files for each cap seperate so i could burn a dvd of a site with all the links relevant to that site on one dvd. The other capture which was in a different folder was going to be burnt the same way. As i said all the directories are now in one folder !!!!!! There is now over a Gig in the two captures all mixed up !! I am getting tired of this, constantly having to refind jobs , files being mixed up , folders disappering all the time. What on earth is going on.

Its still the best program for capturing no doubt about that. It just cant file anything correctly and is very unreliable. There is no way i can spend all this time to endup with such a mess. I have so many caps to do and i thought this was the proggie to do it but i am losing faith fast. So disappointing because the program captures like no other can. please OLeg , cant you fix this ? I would gladly pay for this program if it could just reliabley save everything.

I still have the problem on another machine of a capture missing altogether ( i loaded it onto another machine just to be sure it was not my machine) yet the files are on the drive and the usual trick to refind a missing job simply will not work. The files are there on the drive but OEP just cant see them or be pointed to matter what.

Another problem. The hard drive just doesnt stop once i download something with OEP. I left it running for 3 hours lat night to see if the harddrive would stop spining ?( the red light is on sometimes full on without any dimming and at other times the light blinks like crazy and you can hear the drive chattering away) and in the end i pulled the plug out of the wall to turn the pc off as i could`t get control of the machine, it was like it had frozen but the hard drive was humming away without letup. This only happens during or after runnng OEP. These machines are on a compnay network and i use them all day long doing various kinds of work on them. As well other users log on and off all day long and there is no other problem with any other program or faults witht he machine in any way. This purely a OEP problem...What could it be to cause this ???The machine never goes into this state at any other time . I can get the machine to do it everytime i run OEP... : -((

The machine also frequently locks up while downloading , but only on big jobs. I had one of the sites que up 350,000 files !!! but of course OEP never gets anywhere near that as it freezes , lockups or crashes way before that and then what was grabbed dissappears all the while the harddrive goes crazy........

So thats it so far. Oleg dont take this as a complaint, i reckon your program is far better then the others as i have now tried quite a few. Yours can at least get stuff others cant even touch . POlease please please fix this , i want to buy this program its still the best out there.

Maybe OE is more stable at present as i see this version of OEP is new .
Please advise

best Regards


keep up the good work
Oleg Chernavin
02/06/2004 09:31 am

I feel that there is something wrong with the system and the files Offline Explorer saves are got removed somehow when you quit the program. It is either the directory cannot be written to or some other program cleans files, etc.

Regarding hard drive problems, etc. - it can be somehow associated with the loosing projects problem. Let`s solve it first and then go further. I wrote you an E-mail on that.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/08/2004 11:08 am
>HI OLeg

Did you get my mini novel ;-)

Thanks for your email i got them both. I have worked out what all the disk activity is about..i think. Following your recomendation to check settings for write permission on folders i went and checked and sure enough it was read only. When changed that setting , the disk did exactly what i have been describing to you,, it goes into a lot of activity and chatters away very busy. Could it be that because the permissions were not set that the disk somehow goes into a loop if OEP does not see what it expects to see when writing files ? And given the permissions were not set right how did the files get written in the first place.? i mean the files were there in the folders and you could browse the project after downlaoding , its only after a while that the projects disappear .hmmmmm, getting confused :-0 ). Could it be that OEP is trying to access the files and has to read the whole directory which is very very big (2 gigs worth of stuff ...70,000 files , 20,000 folders ) and as i say just keeps at it for some reason ?

Am goingto setup new folders and do some simple jobs and see what happens with eveything correctly set. Will let you know. In the mean time take a look at my little story if you get teh chance. Did you like my screen caps and how i did them :-) ??

Oleg Chernavin
02/09/2004 07:28 am
Yes, I got your huge E-mail with a lot of screenshots! :-)

The read-only can be the real source of problems when saving Projects configuration. By default Offline Explorer chooses to write to your personal Application Data directory, which should be always writable.

Please let me know what happens now with write-enabled folders. Regarding the amount of folders and files - I don`t think it could be a big problem, because Windows should manage that well, but you can separate your downloads by several directories for pure tests.

02/09/2004 06:19 pm
Hi Oleg

Well the plot thickens. I must be spending too much time at my pc .......i have admin rights to the machine so of course my projects can be written to any directory. Still i setup the folder to have writing rights to my log on as well just in case. Now last night i recovered my lost projects. No problem everything was there. So i created a new folder with the correct permissions in addition to admin rights. I set everything up and let it go. It ran all ight . Today i had to put it on hold as i am hogging all teh bandwidth an peole are asking questions ...:-),...........

I left it in pause for quite a while. This evening i came back and let it run while i went out shopping. I came home and wanted to surf around various hardware sites. So i went to the machine to stop the download as it still had 6000 odd files to go. However i noticed my good friend the whacko hard drive was back........phew i was getting lonely all by myself here the office late at night.........yep , the hard drive was rattling away like crazy. I tried to suspend the download to file but the machine hung. I tried to power down but could`t. In the end i had to kill the machine again. When i booted up and started OEP , all my projects were gone again. O just recovered one with no problem so i guess i will get the others with no problem as weel. One thing i noticed as i was trying to suspend to file was a memory low warning and the machine going to virtual memory. Ihave mentioned before that OEP is a ram hog. It eats and eats and eats and does not give back.Are you aware of this....although i have other programs that also have this naughty habit.

So i am perplexed. What should i try next ? If i do a short cap its fine , it seems to be long caps that cause grief and its only when the program stops responding everything dissapears. Could the virtual memory thng be part of the problem ? and why is the hard drive going crazy spinning away like its been possesed ? I really thought tonight it may be finnished the way it was sopinning. Very strange....

One last thing. To save some sanity, what are the best settings to use to only download new posts in forums ? i have the main site and only want to update new posts on the forums everyday. I cant seem to figure out the settings to use as everytime i download what i think should be the right combo of settings i end up with a 500 or 600 meg download !!yikes........

Anyway Thanks for your help so far , Very much appreciate it

Best Regards

Mark (no screen caps today ...yipppeeee says oleg)