Why take OE3.0Pro @@ ... as email adress?

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Willi Walter 02/04/2004 10:02 pm

The subject says all. ;-)

Willi Walter
Oleg Chernavin 02/05/2004 04:58 am
I see. :-) But what other E-mail would you suggest?

As I understand, you mean the sender`s E-mail address when Offline Explorer sends a notification by E-mail about the Project download completion, don`t you?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Willi Walter 02/05/2004 11:00 am
Hello Oleg,

no, it`s in some sources the placeholder for parameters. ;-)
e.g.: "happy@@@@something(first,second,third,forth)"
interpret from oe as emailaddress, :-)))
but a emailadress has only one `@` of this!


Willi Walter 02/05/2004 12:45 pm
Hello Oleg,

OE has also probs with `<` and `>` if is written als `<` and `>`. This is normal use by markup-code, that shall shown in a page. But OE use it as URI.

Oleg Chernavin 02/06/2004 07:30 am
Can you please tell me few examples of such pages? And let me know what Offline Explorer makes wrong with them?

Thank you!

willi_walter 02/06/2004 11:20 pm
Hi Oleg,

you can find all probs of oe by www.w3c.org with her domain-server:


I think, you know this address. ;-)

And what OE makes with `@@@` - it reads all before the first `@` and incl. this as emailaddress and after the last `@` the next wort! Than it takes all `@@`, without the first, and the rest of line as URI and will download this. :-)

I has suspended this URL after more than 42.000 entrees in the *.wdq-File. :(((

Now, I`m write me a parser- & converterprogramm to get only one download of each file.
For that it where, if you send me more explain of the Attributs in this *.wdy-file. :-)
And olso my question: Must I do something with the *.wdyh-File?

What I also saw was, that you put CCS- and XSL-Files under `undef`. But the can also have import-routines for other *.css and *.xsl -files for which is no other one link.;-)

Oleg Chernavin 02/09/2004 09:36 am

I looked at the site, but I can`t find addresses with @@@ symbols. Can you please tell me an exact page with such link and describe what is going wrong with them?

The .wdq file format is very simple - you already know that it is a text file, simular to .ini files. So, working with them is easy. Anyway, if you have particular questions, let me know.

CSS and XSL files can be in any File Filters categories. In all cases Offline Explorer extracts links from them.

Willi Walter 02/22/2004 05:08 am
Hi Oleg,

I`m still working on the probs. ;-)

But, can you not include in the next version of OE a Token: `REM=` ???
You can see way, when I`m devided the *.wdq file finally - I will not send you a 33 MB-File. ;)

Oleg Chernavin 02/22/2004 01:55 pm
Can you tell me more on what kind of "token" do you need there? Do you want to comment some URLs, so they do not get loaded? If so, just remove the corresponding IID= lines or change them, say to DID=... - Offline Explorer will skip such URLs from loading from the WDQ file.

Willi Walter 02/23/2004 04:00 am
Hi Oleg,

can you send me you email-adress?

Oleg Chernavin 02/23/2004 06:37 am
Just write us to support@metaproducts.com with a "To Oleg" in the subject.