Problem with graphics

02/03/2004 07:43 pm
Hi Ya

Man this proggie rocks !!!!! There is so SO much potential and power under the hood of this program its amazing.

After my frist problem (read last post before this one) i decided to do a small capture to see whats going on. After having played all weekend and only gettting hold of OEP last after trying three others in a row i guess i am getting alittle used to how all this works. Anyway because i have been doing nothing but caps (captures) for the last 4 days i found i can capture simple sites with extreme ease. All the levels and servers i can branch out to or choose not to cap is awsome. HMM better stop blowing my own trumpet and get on with the problem.

I have noticed on big complex caps or small simple ones , sometimes the graphics get captured and sometimes not. Mostly i get the small box with a red X in it , i am sure most of you will have seen it if you have played around enough so far !!!

How do we stop this from happening ? is there any particular setting that needs attenion to get graphics. I lookled at all the obvious things but think i have it all set properly. I can only think maybe the graphics are stored on another server somewhere and thus i am filtering them out, although this doesn`t make much sense to me if it actuially is like that !!!!!! The internet go figure !!

As well i cant seem to capture a page if its not downloaded in the first place. When i browse my cap and find a page was not loaded i wait forever for it to load (it never does) and give up after a long while. How do you download a missing page to add it to the cap. If you could do this you could go through your cap page by page and fill in all the missing pieces and thus make your cap perfect .

Anyway long post , sorry , but enquiring minds want to know

Again this proggie is AWSOME and i am 101% going to buy. You will get my money soon (gota go beg for it first ;-)......)

Oleg Chernavin
02/04/2004 04:36 am

Yes, some links could be difficult to capture. Anyway, can you please tell me links examples that were not downloaded by Offline Explorer. I will see what can I do there and either improve the software or suggest you to adjust the Project settings.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/04/2004 05:50 am
Hi Oleg
Thanx for your prompt reply. All support should be like this !!

Re-reading this post i see it was not clear - i wrote it very very late. I will try to explain again but later as the boss is buzzing all around this morning ;-)

The project i did that gives me grief is

I have noticed some strange things. I have downloaded and re downloadeed this site i dont know how many times and its a big cap. (lucky we have a fat broadband pipe). Thing is sometimes when i redownload to try to get things i missed in my previous sweep other things go missing ? Like the opening page. The news section down the middle always loads but often i am missing the top sections ....all the graphics , drop down menus etc. |I then cant access the site because you need these drop downs to do so. Then i relax the settings and go back in and do it again and i get them . Then when i go back to get something else i missed on the last sweep i tighten the settings to avoid downloading too much and BINGO the sam of very similar stuff is missing again. I can remedy it again by relaxing all the settings and downloading yet again and ...they are there again. Its clearly got something to do with a url that is getting written over but i cant figure out why as i tell the program to not reload previously captured files......?????/ oopss here comes the boss , got go ...

Oleg Chernavin
02/04/2004 08:17 am
Can you write us to and include your Project settings? It is easy - just select the Project, click Copy button on toolbar and paste it to the E-mail message.

Please also let me know which pages are missing (and how to find them on the online Web site) with the current Project configuration.

I will do my best to help you.