Cant browse download

02/03/2004 05:54 pm
First let me say ...*Great Program*

I spent a very frustrating weekend trying to download a site with 4 different programs. Only one can do the job properly..OFFLINE EXPLORER PRO !!!!!

Now the problem is i re-installed the proggie in another machine and started in ernest to download the site from scratch to get everybit i wanted. It was strange at first , i could`t get anyting to download ! When i really relaxed all the settings it took off. 1.4 GIG later OFP locked up . So i rebooted and tried to browse the site. Problem i s i cant load it into the browser.

Just cant find the project. The files are there i can see them in WIN EXPLORER . All the files , subdirectories are there. BUt in OLP i just see the default folder with nothing in it. NBo amount of playing around can let me browse them.

I read a thread here about moving and copying webdown.dat. Bit confused. Can you explain more. Particuly "select the most recent file with the maximun size and copy it back UNDER (? huh ) teh webdown.dat filename" copy it back to where and what do you mean UNDER ?

This proggie seems to be very very powerful. Have you considered setting up a web site for people to download to learn all its power ? I mean up could set up a site and then setup tutorials for people to download things acording to lesson to see what your result is thus learning all the switches etc...just a thought.

Anyway great program , very powerful..

Best Regards

Oleg Chernavin
02/04/2004 04:32 am
Thank you for your kind words and for your suggestion to create a Web site. We already started working in this direction - we added Help Center to Offline Explorer`s Internal browser, which is loaded when you start the program. All tutorials are located inside the program.

Regarding the lost Project - the easiest way is to create the Project again with the same URL as before - you will be able to browse it without downloading, because all files are already there.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff