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Peter Hohenstein 01/21/2004 11:42 pm
Hello everybody.

I have just downloaded Offline Explorer Pro 2.9.1372 Service Release 4 Trial Version and tested it.

My problem now is that i cannot download any picture of a website that uses javascript with some kind of variables.

The fragments of the html source code looks like this:

function viewPhoto(dir,img) {
img = "/images/photosets/" + dir + "/" + img + ".jpg";
</font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center valign=top width=62><a href="javascript:viewPhoto(`021119`,`Vacationpic01`);"><img src="/img/photosets/021119/Vacationpic01a.jpg" border=1 alt="Vacationpic01" height=60 width=60></a></td>
<td align=center valign=top width=62><a href="javascript:viewPhoto(`021119`,`Vacationpic02`);"><img src="/img/photosets/021119/Vacationpic02a.jpg" border=1 alt="Vacationpic02" height=60 width=60></a></td>
<td align=center valign=top width=62><a href="javascript:viewPhoto(`021119`,`Vacationpic03`);"><img src="/img/photosets/021119/Vacationpic03a.jpg" border=1 alt="Vacationpic03" height=60 width=60></a></td>
<td align=center valign=top width=62><a href="javascript:viewPhoto(`021119`,`Vacationpic04`);"><img src="/img/photosets/021119/Vacationpic04a.jpg" border=1 alt="Vacationpic04" height=60 width=60></a></td>
<td align=center valign=top width=62><a href="javascript:viewPhoto(`021119`,`Vacationpic05`);"><img src="/img/photosets/021119/Vacationpic05a.jpg" border=1 alt="Vacationpic05" height=60 width=60></a></td>

Is there a limitation of the trial version that i cannot download these pictures or does Offline Explorer Pro not support this kind of javascript?
Will there be any chance of downloading these files?

Sorry for my inconvenience and i thank you for any help in advance.

P. Hohenstein
Oleg Chernavin 01/22/2004 04:58 am
This kind of script should be supported by Offline Explorer Pro 3.0 version. You can download its beta version here:

Please make sure that you check the "Evaluate script calculations" box in the Project Properties dialog | Advanced section.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Peter Hohenstein 01/22/2004 03:37 pm
Hello Mr Chernavin.

Thank you very much!

I have downloaded the beta version and installed it. Now it works fine with that javascript problem.

Btw can you tell me when OE Pro 3 will be released?

Best regards,

P. Hohenstein
Oleg Chernavin 01/23/2004 05:14 am
Our previous plans were for January 15th, but I was in a hospital for two weeks. So we now plan the release for the next week.

Peter Hohenstein 01/24/2004 09:00 am
Thanks for your reply Mr Chernavin.

Hopefully it was no big deal in hospital and you feel fine already.

Best regards,

P. Hohenstein
Oleg Chernavin 01/26/2004 07:15 am
Yes, I am really fine now. Thank you!