Trouble downloading this site, help?

12/20/2003 06:44 pm

i have trouble downloading this site :
can anyone let me know why / teach me?

i tried the default project settings but it still doesnt work. i wish to download the whole site but it seems i can only download the first page with lots of broken links

12/20/2003 10:02 pm
Project Properties

Project - Uncheck Level Limit
URL Filters - Server - Load files only within the starting Server.
12/21/2003 04:56 am

i tried the above but to no avail. initially there are around 167 queued files when i followed your setting.

But then after downloading ard 10 files, the rest was automatically de-queued, with `Aborted` status.
Oleg Chernavin
12/21/2003 07:55 am

Can you please try to download it with the new 3.0 Beta version:

If it doesn`t work, please select the Project, click Copy button on toolbar and send it to us to . I will see what is wrong there and do my best to help you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
12/22/2003 03:56 am
Hi Oleg,

the beta 3 worked fine, but it says it will expire on 31st dec.

must i buy the new version again?

i think its rather unfair it was a bug in my version 2.9 that cause it to malfunction..

what do you say?
12/22/2003 04:06 am

I encountered another error while downloading with the Beta 3. The site failed to load properly in my Internet Explorer/Opera browser, but it opened fine using the Offline explorer engine inside the software.

I would really appreciate if you could teach me how to make it open in my normal browser


12/22/2003 04:15 am

sorry for the multiple replies( there was no edit post feature). I managed to solve the broswer problem by editing some codes on for the html files.

But i have a question about the new version, for every html file i downloaded there is a attached unknown file.


light.html has a
light.html@body=You can see this page at_3A
with it in the directory

octave.html has
octave.html@body=You can see this page at_3A

is it a new vital feature or something? how to i get rid of it..?

thanks again!
Oleg Chernavin
12/22/2003 05:38 am

You don`t have to buy the new version again. I thought that you were using a trial version. That`s why I asked you to try beta.

If you purchased Offline Explorer Pro after May 21th 2003, you will have free upgrade to 3.0 version. If not and you will be willing to stay with 2.9 version, I will do my best to fix the bug and provide you with the updated 2.9 version.

Regarding the problem with filenames and links - can you please tell me, which site do you download and on which pages it happens?

Thank you.

Oleg Chernavin
12/22/2003 05:39 am

Forgot to say that the current beta will work until February 1st.

01/01/2004 12:10 am
Hi Oleg,

sorry for the late reply. i was away for awhile.. where can i get the free upgrade to 3.0??
are you going to send me a link through my email?

btw, the web site is and all html the files downloaded from the root dir has the

XXX.html@body=You can see this page at_3A <- message

Oleg Chernavin
01/01/2004 05:54 am
Happy New Year!

The link to download the latest version is:

It is free for you and when we have it released the registration key you own should work with the new version. It is because all customers who purchased 2.x versions after May 21th, 2003 have registration keys that are compatible with both 2.x and 3.x versions of the corresponding Offline Explorer edition.

I also just loaded the site with Offline Explorer Pro 3.0 and all links were correct when browsing the site offline.

01/01/2004 11:38 am
Hi Oleg,

Happy New Year!

The link you gave me was for the beta version which did not allow me to enter my registration key, has the final version not yet been released?

Also, the links were working properly BUT the problem of the software generating another rubbish file for every html file is still present

i.e. other than downloading tuning.html , it also created a
tuning.html@body=You can see this page at_3A file in my directory

This happens for all the .html files, so you can expect lotsa of rubbish files..

How do i prevent the software from generating the rubbish files??

Oleg Chernavin
01/04/2004 03:08 pm
> The link you gave me was for the beta version which did not allow me to enter my registration key, has the final version not yet been released?

We plan to release 3.0 version on January 15th. When you install the final version, it will use your current registration key, so you will not have to reenter it.

> How do i prevent the software from generating the rubbish files??

Can you send me your Project settings to ? Just select that Project, click Copy button on toolbar and then paste it to the E-mail message. I will try to reproduce the problem.

Thank you!