Need better status-log-info on downloads!!

11/21/2003 08:38 pm
First back to my "regular" problem, corrupted files, missing INDXes, etc.

By limiting downloading to one file I seem to get a higher percentage of correct downloads.
This might have something to do with

- I`m only downloading large, 100-200MB files
- copying these from the temp-directory, to a primary file and then to the final file seems to be a problem, demanding too much CPU time??
- I`m runninng OE-P on a 800Mhz Pentium, but for some reason the hard-disk system is "slow", using a lot of CPU time when this is done.
- additionally, there is the "Recycle Bin" stuff, and I`m additionally running the Norton version. That is, when moving, deleting,etc these large files, other downloads stop.
- I`m using a 40 second delay-between but does not help 100%??

That is, my present prroblem is that even that one download-thread stops after maybe 3-4 dowloads. Restarting sometimes works, but sometimes "RTSP0" is stuck, although if I change numb-threads to 2, this second download starts OK.

However, when closing OE-P after this has happened, I have 2-3 times got a "pointer" error message, as well as some blue screens when OE-P tries to finalize s file.

Additionally I have noted, a couple of times, that "the files get messed up", that is, one file actually containes (at least) some partial ccontent of another file. For example, one rm-file which should be some 1000MB is maybe 10-30MB, and containes the headers (the name of the content) of another one.

That is, is there any way to get "better" log-info on these large downloads?? Like size when the temp-file is done, move to the download directory, etc??
Or is there, but I have not found it??



PS Tough to replicate due to this large files

Oleg Chernavin
11/24/2003 08:05 am

I fixed one RTSP-related bug when next downloads were not started properly within a long time. I fixed it just before releasing 2.9 SR3 version. Can you please download it and try to see if it works better?

Please keep me informed.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
11/26/2003 12:09 pm

> I fixed one RTSP-related bug when next downloads were not started properly within a long time.

Thanks, will do so.

But totally missing a download is not that bad (except when using only one thread and then it gets stuck), these "corrupted" downloads are worse..

That is, I have noticed that OE-P gets stuck when starting a download, so I should see the difference.

I have "debugged" some of corrupted downloads, reading the DATA header, calculating where the INDX table should be,etc.

It seems like the INDX-tag that is there is in the file is some 20-60 bytes too "early", although the INDX-header is basically correct.

Additionally the INDX-table is usually more or less missing, so the next_header address of that first INDX-header points to a position outside (after) the file (end).

Note, the data-packets are correct "until the very end", that is, I am "walking them" without problems, but without counting how many, yet.

That is, it seems something strange is happening with the last data-packets, missing??

However, given some time I will be able to check the files in a more systematic way.
(note, my original goal was and is to compare rm-files which are binary different but still contain the "almost" the same video+audio streams)

11/26/2003 03:32 pm
Btw, just got stuck at starting one RTSP download in the que, exited, installed RS3, and now it is running.

On the other hand, doing the same without installing a new upgrade helped earlier too???

Who said software wasn`t funny.. without (and maybe more with) source code.

Anyway, OE-P is great, soon me has to make than payment, the days are ticking
11/26/2003 03:51 pm
Well, SR3 just got stuck on starting the next job..

Note, I have 3 (all C-SPAN) OE-P projects and mainly use them by going properties and replacing the (old) list of files, copy-paste the rtsp-links to download.

#1 for what I hope to get
#2 for what went wrong with #1
#3 for what did not work for neither #1 nor #2

However, another reboot and it might seem to work differently??
Oleg Chernavin
11/27/2003 03:21 am
Well, please try after the reboot and let me know how I can reproduce the same thing if you have problems again. Thank you!