same .php files but different params downloaded

11/14/2003 09:57 am
Hi Oleg, how r u?

I am downloading a website based on .php scripts, i noticed that a huge number of .php files being downloaded, actually there was so much of them in each directory that opening directory took ~10minutes in Windows Explorer.
When i looked at them i saw that all of them was actually the same file but with different params!!!!
It lookes like this:

is it absolutely necessary for OE to download this file again and again just because of the different params?
Does it actually looks the same on site too, or is it just one filename.php there?
And last question, if it is indeed only one file on the server, do u plan to add the OE the capability to also download only one file?


Oleg Chernavin
11/15/2003 03:51 pm
On most Web sites, different parameters cause the page to render different contents on the client computer, so when you load the same page with other parameters, you see something like another page at all.

You may look at our site - go to the Products menu above. Each page that displays Product information has the same name - mpProduct_Details.asp. However depending on the id= parameter, it shows different contents. For example, ?id=1 displays information on Offline Explorer, id=2 - Offline Explorer Pro, ?id=3 - Mass Downloader, etc.

This is why we decided to save each parameters set in a separate file. Otherwise, when you download such sites, you would get only one page (say, only one product description), instead of many.

The reason why the folder displays so slowly is simple - Windows doesn`t like too many files in a folder. To overcome this, please use "Prevent directories from overloading" setting in the Options dialog | File Locations section.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff