No cookies,why have SetCookie=ASP.NET_SessionId=nwnwyxil45ky1vvsejgtyqmd

11/08/2003 03:16 am
Visted a site,no cookies in this dir :\windows\cookies(use filemon)
but create a new Project with the form parameters:

Thanks in advance
Oleg Chernavin
11/09/2003 05:02 pm
There are two kinds of cookies - session cookies (not the same as Sesson IDs) and permanent ones. When a server supplies a cookie with a fixed expiration date, it is stored on your computer in the Windows\Cookies directory until the time expires. However if the server sends a cookie without any date, it is stored in the browser`s memory only.

Offline Explorer has access to all permanent cookies and temporary cookies. But it can get the latter only from its Internal browser, not from any other MS IE window.

In your case, it took the temporary Internal Browser cookie. In most cases it is safe to keep the line. However if you will have another kind of contents during the download, you can erase that SetCookie= line from the Project Properties URLs field.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff