Sort by date download

10/23/2003 02:34 pm

im trying to download from an index site
because the file im currently trying to download is many
so the index is big too
now my question is
is there any way to disable the download
so it will not download the
and and stuff
basicly it will download the index again but using last modified arrange and name arrange
so that i want is to ignore that url and just downloading the files
i have try to uncheck all the the filter and only the archive but its still download the sort by 1 and 6

10/23/2003 02:49 pm
one again
if i stop and start again it download the index page again
i assume its cos the site doesnt have the index.htm
and offline explorer make the listing directory to default.htm
i have check the dont download exsiting file in the option
and before i click stop i already finish the index page (directory listing) and the sort by name and stuff
but if i click the start it still download the directory listing and the sort by 1, 6 and 2

Oleg Chernavin
10/24/2003 04:02 pm

The best way would be to use URL Filters there. Please open that Project Properties dialog, go to URL Filters | Filename, select Custom Configuration and add:


to the Excluded filename keywords list. Click OK button to save changes. This will prevent Offline Explorer from following such links.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.