Aborted project problems.

10/09/2003 10:35 am
I have problem with some projects.
When I download some site it is incompleted with Status Aborted.

I searched this forum where I found some messages with this problem,
but I do not know how solve it.

I use Offline Explorer enterprise 2.9 Trial version.
Oleg Chernavin
10/09/2003 02:24 pm
There are two most possible reasons for that:

1. You have low disk space and Offline Explorer stops downloading when you are below a certain limit (you can change the limit in the Options dialog | File Locations section).

2. You are using Download Limits in the Project Properties dialog | Advanced section. For example, you can choose to load no more than 1000 files there. When Offline Explorer goes beyond the limit, it stops the download. You can also set limits by the total size of downloaded files or the total download time. Like, when you want to download some big site for an hour only.

We were also reported that there are Web sites that offer our software for download. Some of them may contain illegally modified files, which make our software to function improperly. We recommend you to use only verified download Web sites (like download.cnet.com) or our own Web site - www.metaproducts.com.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.