search boxes

09/30/2003 09:48 am

thank you for answering my other quiries so quickly.

next question:

many sites ( for example) have a search the site function

(i do not know enough about webbing to understand if in some other questions posted to you about forms talk about this)

is there a way to make these searches work?

and by extension

the server-side cgi programs/scripts, do they get downloaded with the pages?
(i was not able to get at them)

kindly, forgive the generalness of these questions, but i am trying to get broadly at what i can and cannot get your prog to do for our museum instalation projects. as you can imagine often these are institutional and *.gov type pages that tend to be cumbersome.

thank you
Oleg Chernavin
10/01/2003 04:58 am

On most sites, it will be impossible to load search forms so that they work offline. However if you want to load only one search request or few, you can browse to the search form in Offline Explorer Pro`s Internal browser, type the desired keywords in the Search form and hold down Ctrl+Alt keys while submitting the search request. This will create a new Project to load the search request results.

If you loaded the whole (or a big portion of) Web site and you want to search the downloaded files for keywords, Offline Explorer has an easy way for that - just select the desired Project and go to the main menu - Edit | Find Contents.

Regarding scripts, CGI-BIN apps, etc. - Offline Explorer will try to load results of their work, just like Web browser - it doesn`t load the code itself, but HTML pages produced by these applications.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.