Protocol Rollover Problem

09/17/2003 04:58 pm
This MSDN Library article descibes Protocol Rollover.

For Windows Media Series 9.
When a URL specifies "mms://", the reader attempts to use the following protocols for data delivery, in the following order:

1. RTSPU (RTSP using UDP)
2. RTSPT (RTSP using TCP)
3. MMSU (MMS using UDP)
4. MMST (MMS using TCP)

When Windows Media Player Series 9 accesses a stream from the newer Windows Media Servers, it normally uses RTSP protocol and only uses MMS or HTTP protocols if that is not available.
Most streaming media recording software can only download Windows Media streams using MMS or HTTP Protocols. In most cases because of Protocol Rollover this will work.

A problem that I have found many times recently is that some servers have Protocol Rollover disabled and will only use RTSP Protocol for Windows Media Streams. Any programs that only use MMS or HTTP Protocols for Windows Media streams cannot play or download in these cases.

Here are some streams were the server only uses RTSP protocol.

The newest version StreamDown 2.6 seems to have solved this problem.
It seems to be able to download these Windows Media streams using RTSP Protocol.
After trying Download MMS 1755 it then switches to Download MMS 554 which I believe is really RTSP Protocol. It is not the same as just changing the port to 554.

Are there plans to make your software able to download Windows Media using RTSP Protocol?
09/17/2003 11:47 pm
More info.
09/25/2003 02:20 am
OEP-OEE can download Windows Media files with HTTP or MMS(HTTP) Protocols. You have said in the past that you have plans to also add MMS(TCP) Protocol. I would think that it would be equally important to add RTSP protocol for downloading Windows Media streams. It might also have the advantage of avoiding the problem that so often happens when downloading MMS Protocol video streams where the downloaded file has only audio and no video.
Oleg Chernavin
09/25/2003 11:54 am
Yes, I plan to work on MMS via RTSP issue shortly - perhaps on the next week. I was out of town for a week. This is why I am still slow answering forum messages.