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K.lopps 09/14/2003 07:50 pm
i can?t get OEP working for this site:
you have to login first before you can browse/download on the site.

if i use the internal browser to login+create an project oep creates the following:
(%%%%%% removed by me now)

if i start the program it gets the first pages correctly (from the "members area") but then everything download page is a redirect to a page which tells that i?m not logged in and i have to enter my password.

is there something special i have to do or is OEP not able to work with this site?

Oleg Chernavin 09/15/2003 06:45 am
Two things possible:

1. The site has a kind of logout link that is being loaded by Offline Explorer and this causes the server to ask username/password again.

2. The site detects an unusually high traffic that is not a human-like browsing and stops the logged session.

I would suggest you to see how does the logout link looks like. You can post the link here, so I will be able to add its support to Offline Explorer.

The second reason is less possible, but ma also take place. To overcome it, you would have to decrease number of connections to 1 and set few seconds delay between downloads.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
K.lopps 09/15/2003 07:02 am
looks like its neither of this two points.

the logout link is
but i added it to the url-filters manually and it didn?t work with this

i tried to use 1 thread only with an limited throttle (and delays) but this didn?t changed anything either

also i noticed that there are only files from one directory not correctly downloaded (always gets an redirect to an error page) but all other directories are working.
Oleg Chernavin 09/15/2003 07:37 am
If you want, you can provide me with the details on how to reproduce the problem to and I will see what could be done there.

K.lopps 09/15/2003 07:49 am
ok, i?ll send it tonight when i have access to my email-archive :)
Oleg Chernavin 09/15/2003 12:27 pm
OK. I will wait for your E-mail.

K.lopps 09/16/2003 04:13 am
> OK. I will wait for your E-mail.
> Oleg.
i knew i forgot something,
mail sent!