Download ok - computer freezes - Project gone

03/29/2006 07:02 am
I downloaded a web site (26238files) and ended up with 7 files just trying and trying.
Those files wasn?t on the hdd physically, so I aborted their download.
Now OEP2.8.1188 told me `download completed`.
2 minutes later the computer freezes.
I rebooted and the project was GONE. All files in my dowload directory is still there
but I don`t know how to reach those - so that I can export my project.
(I already tried by creating a new project with the exact same name och properties:
Then OEP responds - project not dowloaded.)
Thanks in advance!
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2006 07:02 am
I am sorry for the problem. However you can restore the Project easily - just open its Properties dialog, select "Do not load existing files", click OK button and start loading it. Offline Explorer will go through all downloaded files on your disk.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.