Offline Explorer Pro or Enterprise??

03/29/2006 07:01 am
I was wondering which version of offline explorer is better? Enterprise or Pro??? Money is no problem but I would like to know which version is better?

03/29/2006 07:01 am
Money no Problem? Great.
More expensive is always better!
If you have to ask then maybe not.

See the comparison chart.
Do you need OLE Automation support?
Do you need Download up to 100 million URLs per session?
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2006 07:01 am
Thank you for responding that E-mail!

Both of these editions are mostly the same. Enterprise one is capable to use much less memory while downloading huge Web sites, because Project Map is being saved to disk in a special file format. Also, OLE Automation support opens ability to write a separate application that controls Offline Explorer, automates it, etc. This is good when you need to have a customized offline browsing or web site downloading solutions.

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Oleg Chernavin
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