Exporting as Excell or comma delimited?

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Peter Van Dijck 03/29/2006 07:01 am
excellent product (Offline Explorer)! We are purchasing licenses as we speak.

I need to export URL`s to a comma delimited file or excell file, and I didn`t find a mention of that in your help or on this forum (by the way I am impresssed with your techical support!). The best solution would be to export two columns: one with the original URL`s and one with the local URL`s. I only want URL`s for pages in the export, not css or images, but I do want them downloaded for offline browsing.

an export like this would work:


This would make our lives a *lot* easier (really) - is this possible? We have programmers, if necessary they could script it if that`s an option?
Oleg Chernavin 03/29/2006 07:01 am
Dear Peter Van Dijck,

Thank you for your kind words. There is no such feature by default, but Offline Explorer contains Project Map files which could be used by your developers to make the text file.

Another approach is to use Offline Explorer Enterprise which can be easily programmed to return all desired values.

I would ask you to have one of your technical persons to contact us at support@metaproducts.com and we will discuss possibilities.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
Peter Van Dijck 03/29/2006 07:01 am
Thanks. I will talk to the techies.

Another thing I`d like to be able to do is to *import* a list of URL`s that then get downloaded. So I have a list of URl`s (comma delimited text file for example), I import them into the tool, then download all those files (in an easy step?), then export again the URL`s and the new local URL`s.

Can you see that being possible somehow?
Oleg Chernavin 03/29/2006 07:01 am
Import is very easy now. Simply copy the list of URLs to the clipboard (one URL per line) and paste them all to Offline Explorer Pro. If you hold down Shift key while clicking the Paste button, each URL will be added as a separate Project. Otherwise all URLs will be added as one single Project.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin.