Can`t download files (pics) within a webpage because OE uses a wrong path

Tin Ngo-Minh
03/29/2006 07:00 am

I would like to congratulate you for this program, it is by far the best I have seen so far. Thanks to the program I have save at least 20 hours of downloading... and will save much more in the future. It fully suits my needs, however I am encountering a major problem: I can`t download pics (gif and jpg) on the webpages I am trying to download (even though the program is able to download pics (original size) linked to these "undownlaodable" thumbnails). The problem is complicated, but I hope you will be able to solve it:

The webpages I download look like this: (pass protected)
--> OE is able to download it.

The thumnails want are situated here:*_t.gif
--> OE is NOT able to download it.

because it is trying to download it from here:*_t.gif

Indeed, there is a script in the head of the html file that sets the relative path of the files on it. OE doesn`t take into account that script and consequently, tries to download the files from a wrong url.

To check the script in question in the html file please download the file here: (I uploaded one file here)

I am sure the problem can be solved because MS Word is able the paths: I am able to copy and paste the webpage with the pics in a .doc file.

Thank you in advance,

I am looking forward for your answer.

Tin Ngo-Minh
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2006 07:00 am
Dear Tin Ngo-Minh,

Thank you for asking. I looked at that page, but it is already processed by Offline Explorer. It would be better for me to look at the original page on the site. Could you please write us to ?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.