Settings for served images

monty asper
07/01/2017 08:06 pm
I cannot find the best settings on Offline Explorer to get this site:

The problem is that I cannot get the images. For example:,ll=38,ls=1,la=1,sg=20,ha=21,br=26,pr=9,aan=24,mgf=33,vi=51,kz=10,mr=25,mn=1,uqw=106,umr=26,ums=14,umj=34,ulq=247,uqa=17,uqq=2,bdw=h19,amr=h7,asb=h17,auh=h37,dhq=h2,mht=h6,msb=h8,tla=h8,amj=h22,ens=h1,mis=h1

displays this image:

How can I capture these dynamically served images locally for offline use?

Thank you

Oleg Chernavin
07/06/2017 08:23 pm
Sorry for the late answer.

It is easy to download these images. Simply change your Project Properties - select "Open pages in the Internal Browser and save" in the Download Mode section (below the starting addresses field).

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff