How to read data from the file Descr.WD3

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Peter 02/24/2017 05:29 am
How to read data from the file Descr.WD3

I need the file name and modification date - then create a .csv
Oleg Chernavin 02/26/2017 07:34 am
It has binary format. I can supply you with an utility that does that:

I hope it fits your needs.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Peter 02/26/2017 08:31 am
Thanks great job!

The tool does its job, I have some suggestion:

1. add a separate column filepath and filename in .csv
2. add the column headers in the .csv
3. no installer (portable)

Oleg Chernavin 02/26/2017 08:37 am
Done. 3 - you can move the folder after installation to any place. The executable file doesn't need any other file to do its job.

Peter 02/26/2017 09:40 am
Almost good, but a header at the bottom, as a footer.

And I do not know if this is a mistake - but I have a zip files 10132 - and in .csv is 9898 lines
Oleg Chernavin 02/26/2017 04:34 pm
My mistake! I changed it to be a header and reuploaded.

Not sure, but it could be some corruption in descr.wd3 files.

Peter 07/03/2017 07:35 am
Can you add to CSV in this tool - the original file URL - i really need it.
Oleg Chernavin 07/06/2017 08:18 pm
It is not so easy to add. So, it may take some time, but I will keep it in my plans.