Site can be browsed in internal browser but don't at usb stick

12/12/2016 08:57 am
Hello, Oleg!

Thank you. It seems that I'm close to make everything works. But there is one problem. The downloaded site opens properly in integrated browser but don't at the usb stick where it was exported. Here is the example of such behavior:

What can we do to make it work from usb flash?
12/13/2016 05:06 am
I've found that the reason in the links in a exported version of site.
For example at the main page of the site the link to some category looks like
but from another page of the same site the link to the same product category in the left categories menu islook like
and this is break the site surfing because it opens the window with all files listed in "breloki" subfolder

Why is it so?
May be you suggest some autoreplacment for such broken pages via some editor tools or file managers?
12/19/2016 05:39 pm
I've found that at some site pages urls becomes substituted than at the main page of a downloaded site. e.g. the link to some category at the main page is look like:
but when I choose this 'breloki' category from another page I see the link
in the src value of <a> tag. And this makes the url unbrowsable

Why is it so in the site exported to usb stick?
Oleg Chernavin
12/19/2016 05:40 pm
Sorry for the delay. Did you have the Faster Export box unchecked in the Export Files dialog? It should correct links better in the "slower" mode.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
12/20/2016 02:36 am
Hello! Thank you.
Yes, it is always uncheked
Oleg Chernavin
12/21/2016 06:00 pm
I made the site download with Level=2 and exported it to a directorty on a hard disk. I used your example - clicked the Каталоги link and then Брелоки - the link was correct.

I used the internal code as the download mode. Maybe you used via the Internal Browser mode - pledase let me know.

Or perhaps I should try some other links on the pages to see the error? If so, please explain. I tried to view the video, but it is not available.