OLE Automation - examples?

09/16/2015 12:23 pm
Dear Sirs

I am a C# .Net programmer. I would like to try out the OLE Automation. The documentation included with OE Enterprise is sparse and does not provide examples. It also does not list out per-requisites for coding with the OLE interfaces. Can you please provide me with examples for common operations, a walkthrough of how to setup the OLE coding environment, and possibly some updates on what new OLE Automation features will be included in version 7?

I'm using version 6.9

Oleg Chernavin
09/16/2015 02:54 pm

We have a C# application sample - the Start - Programs - Offline Explorer Enterprise menu has samples, including C# one. Can you please take a look at it and let me know if it is enough or not.

Please let me know what methods/properties you would require for your own application. If there are needs for additional ones, I will add them quite shortly.

So far, no new methods are introduced, because we had no requests.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff