offline javascript links not working when project exported to mht file

07/18/2015 06:14 pm
I've noticed that for at least some of my projects the javascript popup links work fine if browsing the original directory contents in either firefox or the OE browser, but if I export to an MHT file and then browse with Firefox with the MAF extension firefox seems to fetch the images from the actual web site. If I block internet access with my firewall the images don't load. Everything but the javascript popup links are loaded from the offline data. I tried using the unMHT extension instead but that seemed to freeze.

If I open the MHT file with IE 11 it takes me to the interstitial ad page and if I block my internet connection in the firewall it just gets stuck at the interstitial ad. I guess somehow the interstitial ad redirect is still present even though I thought I had eliminated it by deleting the .js file. The interstitial ad doesn't display when browsing from the directories though.

I was exporting to MHT with all of the checkboxes unchecked. I've also tried exporting to MHT with various combinations of the options checked or unchecked and still no luck.
Oleg Chernavin
07/20/2015 07:31 pm
All links in MHT are made online and the MHT extension/plugin tries to find a corresponding URL in the MHT file first and then goes online.

You could try CHM or EXE format for better offline viewing experience. Or we may setup other Projects to eliminate scripted links with URL Substitutes.