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Jake Wright 08/17/2014 11:36 am
I have a few questions:

1. Are there tutorials for Offline Explorer Enterprise?

2. Does it offer the same ease as Inquiry Professional Edition? Like is there a button on Chrome I can click so that I can instantly save a webpage?

Oleg Chernavin 08/17/2014 11:37 am
We are preparing a new help site for Offline Explorer now.

The instant save is planned for 7.0 version.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jake Wright 08/17/2014 11:59 am
Is Inquiry compatible with Offline Explorer Enterprise?

Also, about what time would version 7 come out?
Oleg Chernavin 08/17/2014 12:15 pm
No, they are completely different.

We plan 7.0 for the end of this year.

Jake Wright 08/17/2014 12:17 pm
Finally, can Inquiry integrate with google chrome?
Oleg Chernavin 08/19/2014 02:37 pm
Sorry, no.