Using session cookie to download site

Franz Ferdinand
02/15/2014 01:09 pm
Hello. I have 2 questions regarding proper setting of project filters. I need to download only files with specific extension (*.zip) from a site. While I can setup properly the filters to traverse only through pages which point to my needed files, I'm not able to download desired files self, firstly because the direct link to file is generated dynamically by link like this, where 12345 is an unique index for each given file which a want. The file is renamed then to something like I would be interested how should I properly process these redirects in OE.
I tried setup add file include filter ^* which doesnot seem to download anything relevant.
Second problem is that I must be logged in by the site account credentials, ie. the zip file is only generated when I use session cookie with my account credentials. I see there are parameters like Cookie=, SetCookie=, ForceCookie= etc. Don't know how to use, how to find values I should provide after = .. Thanks for help.
Oleg Chernavin
02/16/2014 05:36 pm
Usually you should simply logon the site online in the Internal browser of Offline Explorer.

The session cookie will be automatically used during the download.

Regarding the ZIP files - can you please give me your Project settings? Select it, press Ctrl+C on keyboard and paste to the forum message.

I will see why the ZIP files are not downloaded and saved.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff