exporting huge website

04/27/2013 05:26 pm

I have some questions regarding exporting of oee. Would you help me. I didn't try those things due to the time and space to be used.

1. Does exporting parse the same way as when downloading or use a list of downloaded pages ?

2. When exporting huge website with archive and big files (pdf, rar, flv, wmv, avi) in chm or exe format
does oee add them to a unique file (only one exe or chm) created

3. Is it possible to to split the exe file for easy burning
Oleg Chernavin
04/28/2013 04:16 pm
1. Export only uses files from the Project Map to copy/parse. It doesn't get links to follow from parsed files.

2. If a destination file already exists, it will be deleted and made from the scratch.

3. Sorry, no splitting yet. I haven't found a good way to do this.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
04/29/2013 12:31 am
Thank you.

3. What if you let oee chosse between :
creating only one exe/chm
creating an exe without archive, audio and video and other (use of mime type not the extension)
and for the remaining files oee :
just copy them (preserving the site structure) to the same folder
choose between some of the compressing method including "just store the files in the zip"

exemple :

site: www.example.com
exported to d:/export

exe created
files not in the exe

exe created
files not in the exe

Splitting the zip will be easier and the parsing of the files in the exe will not be affected.
Oleg Chernavin
04/29/2013 07:13 am
Yes, maybe. I will think about it. The original idea was to make a single file that contains everything. But huge sites make it almost impossible to do.

04/29/2013 07:41 am
Whit my humble experience I found that the compression with lzma and other algorithms make a website of about 2gb into one file of 36mb approximatively. The only remaining problem is with media files that don't get compressed (already compressed with other algorithms ...).

Thank you very match for trying that.
Oleg Chernavin
04/29/2013 08:04 am
I heavlity depend on the ZIP component I am using. But I will keep my eyes open on other components and compression algorithms. Thank you!