eval - problem creating proper project config

03/15/2013 10:15 am
Started eval of OE. Have been banging head against wall now for several days trying to refine project settings for desired result. Time to ask for help.

I think this is what I want to accomplish:


The result will (probably) be a PDF file downloaded. But sometimes I think it is possible a given pdf file may be downloaded BUT WITHOUT the PDF extension attached. So I can't filter to simply PDF (even if that would be appropriate).

I do not want ANY other directory or file to be downloaded or created on my local hard drive other than those resulting from immediate download from above URL (and macro).

In my attempts, I am getting directories downloaded (at the same level as "cgi") and files downloaded, too, within those directories. I cannot easily do any type of Exclude process - because I don't know all the possibilities OE may run into insofar as directory structures/names, etc.

How do I config OE to download ONLY those files resulting immediately from the above URL??
03/17/2013 01:56 pm

Sorry if the message is in double.

I am just a user like you. I will try to help you but wait for support to tell you more.
If I have understood your question than

In project properties dialog : advanced uncheck :
explore all possible subdirectories
load server side image maps
explore html forms

And for download only pdf files :
unckeck images, video, audio, archive from files filter
in the other categories, in source, choose Load using url filters settings.
in filter by content, in keyword choose one of the two options :

write without quotes :
"%PDF %pdf"
and unckeck download all graphic elements in those pages
this will tell OEE to download only files containing this keyword however other file than pdf can contain this keyword
but in general that's not the case

or write this instead, without quotes :
and check only when those files were not found download these pages.

Good luck