htm extension vs exclamation mark

08/24/2012 04:59 pm
Hi Oleg
I got a big problem, I really need your help

I'm trying to download a page that contains a link with some exclamation marks, just like: Hi guys!
In first place I download the page and everything works great: the link in the page leads to the right file in the right folder, and the file contains the exclamation mark. OK.

But.. I want to EXPORT
the file is Hi guys!.htm and it's right, but the link in the page leads to a file Hi guys! WITHOUT the htm extension!!

I have this problem only with links ENDING with the exclamation mark.

I would like to substitute every exclamation mark from the start
I would like to avoid every exclamation mark from the start

I wanted to do that in Parsing/URL Substitutes, but unfortunately it didn't work at all
If there's an "Hi guys!" somewhere I can't substitute that exclamation mark and I will not have a chance after the export

Oleg, I need your knowledge
08/24/2012 06:25 pm
If I want to substitute an exclamation point with something else is impossible.
How could I do that?

Thank you Oleg
Oleg Chernavin
08/24/2012 06:35 pm
What about a rule:

Keep this field empty. Select to apply to filenames.

Meanwhile, I will check why it makes wrong links on export.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
08/24/2012 06:41 pm
It doesn't work.
It's good for everything but the exclamation point.

If I write that rule, it's ok in the test, but it doesn't work in the downloading

Thanks to you
08/26/2012 01:51 pm
I did it, let's go!

If I "Copy link location" of a link that leads to Hello world!!! I find Hello world%21%21%21
The key is %21


Url: *
Replace: %21
With: everything_I_want

Working that way I bypass the wrong links on export 'cause I arrive there without any exclamation point, I checked it right now.
If the problem is not only with the exclamation point, the answer will be in the "percent-encoding"
Oleg Chernavin
08/26/2012 01:51 pm
OK. Very good that it worked this way! Sorry that I was unable to help you earlier.