Uploading Website on my desktop to Offline Explorer

07/08/2012 10:45 am
Hi All

I did a website with a company and i asked to have it, they provided me a link and i downloaded the file to my PC.

Q: How can i import the whole website to Offline Explorer? I have it in a folder, tried dragging but doeswork

If it doesn't support it, what software does that so i can view surf the website offline, tried DreamWeaver but didn't work, required an ftp or whatever.

Please advice how can i view it

Oleg Chernavin
07/08/2012 10:46 am
Is this site a static HTML or it is a collection of PHP or ASP code? With databases, etc.?

If the first, you should be able to browse it from the disk directly. Otherwise, you would need to install the corresponding web server software to make the site work.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff