Unable to export the project - URGENT HELP NEEDED plz.

02/24/2012 01:24 pm
Hi there.

I have one project which had taken its time... I have started it dnloading tp a network location (say, //user1/share/project), the I have move the folder to //user2 (and change the LOCATION seetting in OE, of course) and so on till the user //user9.
The folder //user9/share/project now has the most recent and FULL set of the files. I can browse all via OE, I can recheck/update from server/etc...no problem at all.

Now, I wanna xport this all to the standalone folder. But I am unable to do so!

When I try to EXPORT the [browsable!] project - it thinks for a minute or two, and then trying to CONNECT TO THE //USER1 (which is not exist anymore). Then (after the timeout) - to the user //USER2, and so on until the last user which was used in DL'g the project...

And then the export window just closes successfully......but NO ANY SINGLE FILE is exported to the dest.folder. :(
Now I can browse the whole project via the internal OE's browser - but I can't export that at all. :(

PS: Tried the "restore the project map" tool for several times. Brings no any luck - tried to export, seen the continuous tries to connect to non-existent users - process failed without being exported at all. Seems like "all is exported" - but noone single file in da dest.folder, it is just virgin empty...

What shall I do in my case, pls? I need the project exported....THANKS!!!

PS: OE 6.1 trial.
Oleg Chernavin
02/24/2012 01:25 pm
Can you please now check the Map tab of the Project? Are all files listed there?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/25/2012 12:33 am
Hi Oleg,

once OE is cold-started, the project map is empty - only the root server is shown (1 line) and a few disabled URLs at the below (I added them myself earlier). No any single file is listed under the root server (regardless they are already downloaded in fact - I am able just to go to the HDD's folder and check files, all of them are there).

After I use "Restore project map" - the files start to be "found" and fill the map. Those are not being (re)downloaded - just being taken from HDD. At few hours of running hard - all files are in the map.

After I close OE and start it again - the map is empty again. Seems it is not savind the restored map... Or should I save that somehow manual?

All I need is just to export the project to the folder (one-time). Then I may delete it on OE and not care project map anymore. :)

Oleg Chernavin
02/25/2012 09:26 am
What if you just restore the Map and immediately make the export?

02/25/2012 09:34 am
Oleg, hi again,

I have discovered that the corresponding .mpx file IS containing all the links to the \\USER1, \USER2 and so on - even those are not in use for long time, regardless I pressed "Repair project map" for several times.
I just had the .mpx opened via HEX editor and search those an plain text...and I found'em all.

Seems that OE stores all the destinations being used in project's downloading - and then just checks'em all while exporting, instead of the current "Destination folder" (which is not listed in .mpx, by the way). And "repair project map" is not helping hereat all....

Is this a bug?


PS: now I'll try to delete the current mpx, rebuild the map from scratches and see the results while exporting that. Will keep you posted.
02/29/2012 05:24 am
>What if you just restore the Map and immediately make the export?
Doesn't work. Everything is the same: trying to connect \\USER1, timeout, \\USER2, timeout......etc.
Even the project itself is browsable, and the files are in the project map (until the next restart of OE).

Oleg, deleting the corresponding .mpx file (completely) and once again - recreating the project map was FIXED the problem. On the newly-created .mpx I see no links to \\USER1...\\USER9 anymore, and the project now is exportable without any issues.

Thus I decude the case as a bag of OE while it is restoring the project map. Oleg, I think that it is a good idea just to delete the .mpx file prior to the restoration starts - instead of "fixing" the file, which sometimes does not work.

PS: I forgot to mention that the project was started (and .mpx was initially created) not in OE 6.1. It was started on 5.9 or even 5.6 - I forgot....I started it, after that it was running for a while, and then I got OE upgraded to the latest 6.1 and continue the project...perhaps .mpx versions incompatibility, who knows. So I bet that deleting the .MPX prior restoring the project map is a good idea in all cases. :)

Thanks again,

Oleg Chernavin
02/29/2012 05:25 am
Yes, you are correct! I just added code to delete the old map file before starting restoring it. Thank you!