AutoRefresh (F5) integrated web browser window.

Ajax Dev Plus
01/01/2012 11:55 am
AutoRefresh (F5) integrated web browser window.
For example, every 20 min website is refreshed.
You can implement this option?
With this win the cookies and sessions do not expire.
Much needed in sites that require identification.
Note, I tested the system for identification but for some sites is not possible.

Oleg Chernavin
01/01/2012 03:48 pm
Actually, when you download some site, the cookies are refreshed automatically.

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Ajax Dev Plus
01/02/2012 09:10 am
Thanks for your reply
In some places does not work. (Requires web browser integrated recharge, before expiration of the session)
So you have to re-identify, if not still analyzing invalid links.
I will make again three local tests again and let you know the results.

a greeting.
Oleg Chernavin
01/02/2012 09:11 am
Yes, please let me know what you tests show.

Ajax Dev Plus
01/02/2012 09:46 am
Tests have been conducted, the result is as follows:
When the program analyzes the elements in the queue (html and php), and generates links to the images.
They accumulate a lot of images, and the program starts to download.
When it came back the file (HTML and PHP) and the session is lost.
The problem is to download the pictures later in the session is lost.
The solution is integrated into a Web browser auto refresh or prioritizing downloads the images.

In the second test, only for sessions has come to lose the session before downloading images.

The third test sessions occurred as the first test.

Another solution would be that the program could check the session and madar by POST or GET method to identify a file, for example login_user_utf8_sha2.php

The tests have all been overcome cookies, the session is to be controlled manually

Thank you for your attention.
A greeting.
Ajax Dev Plus
01/02/2012 12:37 pm
I'm back to testing with the latest update that I facilitated in the other topic.
By using the option "download priority" included in the Enterprise version solves the problem.
He passed all three tests.
Oleg Chernavin
01/02/2012 04:00 pm
I am still considering to implement this auto-refresh option soon.