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Ajax Dev Plus
12/17/2011 07:36 am

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I have recommended this software, I downloaded the trial version.
The integrated help in the program is insufficient, there are few detailed examples.
As you might download the following images: (The site ID required)
If you try to download:
This if you try to download directly redirected to:
Important Note: to view the large image destination (referrer) must be from mode = medium
The image on the server host as follows:
http://img04.servidor.dominio/img/user/25_m.jpg (median, if direct access is not pictured)
http://img04.servidor.dominio/img/user/25.jpg (Grande, if direct access is not pictured)
On the other hand testing the functionality of the program I have tried:
Project Properties -> Parsing -> URL Subtitutes ...
But put: URL: http:// * replace with m.jpg _m.jpg
The test does not work still returns the url to _m.jpg
E6600 8GB DDR3 1GDRR GT220 6TB
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Offline Explorer Enterprise 6.0.3658
Level Limit = off
All server (Load for Any location)
I identify from the integrated browser.

Thank you. A greeting.

Me han recomendado este software, he descargado la version de prueba.
La ayuda integrada en el programa es insuficiente, hay pocos ejemplos detallados.
Como podria descargar las siguientes imagenes: (El sitio requiere identificacion)
Si se intenta descargar:
Este si se intenta descargar directamente redirige a:
Nota Importante: para poder visualizar la imagen grande el destino (referrer) debe ser desde mode=medium
La imagen en el servidor se alojan de la siguiente forma:
http://img04.servidor.dominio/img/user/25_m.jpg (mediana, si se accede directamente no se muestra la imagen)
http://img04.servidor.dominio/img/user/25.jpg (Grande, si se accede directamente no se muestra la imagen)
Por otro lado probando la funcionalidades del programa he probado:
Project Properties -> Parsing -> URL Subtitutes...
Pero pongo: URL: http://* replace _m.jpg with m.jpg
En el test no funciona sigue devolviendo la url con _m.jpg
E6600 8GB DDR3 GT220 1GDRR 6TB
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Offline Explorer Enterprise 6.0.3658
Level Limit=off
All server (Load for any location)
Me identifico desde el explorador integrado.

Gracias. Un saludo.
Oleg Chernavin
12/19/2011 06:55 am
I tested the following rule:

Apply to:

I tried the URL and it got converted to

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff