Downloading wmv via mms

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Jeff 07/20/2011 04:56 am
I am trying to download a file from the URL below. It shows an error message "Download complete. Status 404: Not Found." No file is downloaded.

The URL is mms://

When I open this ULR in a browser, it loads up no problem. But I can't figure out what settings to use to capture the WMV in OEP.

PS Also a suggestion for your forum. It would be really nice if the date showed up with search results. Thanks
Oleg Chernavin 07/20/2011 04:57 am
I tried the URL with MS IE and it opened Windows Media Player. It told me:

"Windows Media Player cannot find the file..... the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted."

So, it looks like the file is really missing now.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff