Url substitute

09/27/2010 06:44 am
Dear who could help me,

I have a project: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/queryDcodeListIACPageA1L.do?codeType=insuredNameLife, which are tree list of doc document.

doc document url LIKE: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/wordmodal.jsp?strPath=20091225050423640.doc, which seems to be created by javascript.
doc doument is read through iWebOffice control, the actual doc document is at http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/doctrs/20091225050423640.doc
(I do not want to download directly from the folder of "doctrs", since I need the tree structure)

but OE could not download the doc document, on the page of "no file found" there is a link: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/wordmodal.jsp?strPath=20091225050423640.html (which ought to be ".doc" not ".html")

So I try 1: the url substitute
url: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/wordmodal.jsp?strPath=*.html
replace: .html
with: .doc
the result: not work

try 2: the url substitue
url: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/wordmodal.jsp?strPath=*.html
replace: wordmodal.jsp?strPath=*.html
with: doctrs/*.doc
the result: not work

Any one could help me on this project? many thanks.

Oleg Chernavin
09/27/2010 06:52 am
I visited this site, but was unable to find the links with .html and .doc - perhaps I didn't look in the right direction.

I then added the rules you made and the Test button made the following results for:


1. http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/wordmodal.jsp?strPath=20091225050423640.doc

2. http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/doctrs/20091225050423640.doc

So, looks like your rules are correct.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/27/2010 02:04 pm
Thanks Oleg, could you help me try the site again, the following is some explanation

The entry page is: http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/queryDcodeListIACPageA1L.do?codeType=insuredNameLife
The entry page lists a list name of life insurance companies.

Try the first link to the second page.
The second page is a list of classification of life insurance

Try the first link on the second page to the third page.
The third page is a list of SUB-classification

Try the first link on the third page to the fourth page
The fourth page is a list of life insurance PRODUCTS

Try the first PRODUCT link on the fourth page (NOTE: my firefox not work on this page, ie / OE okay.)
Then comes the fifth page (POLICY WORDING):

Even with the url substitutes (try 1) in my first post, OE still "file not found" with an online link:

So I thought the problem might be caused by the javascript which produces url of the fifth page and make the doc document viewed with iWebOffice control.

Finally I found the actual doc document are stored under
http://www.iachina.cn:8080/iaclause/clause/doctrs/ +the same doc name, such as:

So I try the url substitutes (try 2) in my first post. the result is still "page not found" with an online link:

It seems the url substitutes have no effect on the case, or are there any other triggers I should pull on/off??
Oleg Chernavin
09/27/2010 02:09 pm
I started to work with this site, but now it gives an error for every page. Can you please let me know when it gets back to normal?

09/30/2010 06:33 am
Hi, Oleg, the web seems okay now, could you help me check it.

BTW, I find Chrome / Firefox do not work on this website. IE or OE explore could work well.

Please help me on this site, it could save me a lot work.
Oleg Chernavin
09/30/2010 08:58 am
Yes, studied the site. But unfortunately, it uses very tricky script that is not yet supported. This is why Offline Explorer cannot get the links to the products and because of that substitution rules do not work.