Specifying a numerical range

06/17/2010 07:00 pm
Greetings all,

I'm trying to download the fantastic artwork of Giovanni Piranesi from http://www.picure.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/viewer/. Unfortunetly, the images are all broken up tiny little squares. The URL structure is:


where fileID is the piece of artwork, sideID is the zoom level, volID is which volume it's from (8018 is the image, so volume 8) and the argv is the tile. 0,0 is the top left corner, 256,256 is the bottom right corner. So what I need to do to download the whole image is to make the 0,0 a wildcard, and all the other values statice. however, OE sees "http://www.picure.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/viewer/imageout.php?fileID=8018&sizeID=3&volID=8&argv+?" as "http://www.picure.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/viewer/" and doesn't keep the values of fileID etc, which means it's downloading absolutely everything.

Can anyone explain to me how to download only 8018 size 3 volume 8?
Oleg Chernavin
06/18/2010 05:57 am
I would suggest you to have the Project with URL:


Unlimited level. URL Filters - Filename:


Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/18/2010 09:45 am
Thank you very much, worked perfectly.
Oleg Chernavin
06/18/2010 09:57 am
You are welcome!