I can't download this site? Why?

05/05/2010 12:48 pm
i cant download this site, when i download it, never show the images, or when i click a gallery, cant see nothing, only broken links, how can i do to download it correctly? http://www.photoshelter.com/c/michellemccarron/

Thanks in Advance!
Oleg Chernavin
05/05/2010 01:36 pm
Sorry, I don't have a solution so far. The site uses AJAX technology, which is not yet supported by any offline browser. Anyway, if you will find a way or software to get the images, can you please share it here?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
05/06/2010 12:05 am
Just a suggestion although I may be misunderstanding what Eddie wants to do.

But if you just want the larger images then you can use URL subsitutes.

The smaller images are in t/150 directories. The larger ones in s/650 directories.

eg, thumbnail:

eg full size:

So go to Project Properties>Advanced>Parsing>URL substitutes

URL Replace With
t/150 t/150 s/650.jpg

Make sure the check mark box is checked, and the 'apply all matching rules' box is checked and this should mean you can get the full size pictures.

Hope that helps?


Oleg Chernavin
05/06/2010 03:33 am
Yes, this could be a good solution.