Chris Manny
12/11/2009 06:37 pm

I have a problem with a project. I want to create a complete offline copy of
I have a subscription for it and I am using the internal browser of Offline Explorer (latest version) to log in to the site. The problem is that after downloading 920 files, the software states that the project is complete. But there many subdirectories missing. Also, all the media is missing.
For instance: I would want also files like the flash movie in
to be present in my offline copy (as well as mp3s and other formats).

I did the following:

1) Hit Ctrl+N and made a new project
2) I entered as Project Name:
3) I entered as Adresses (URLs):
4) I left the Level Limit at default 1
5) I went to URL Filters/Server and chose "Load files only within the starting domain"
6) I left everything as default

and started downloading. The result was 920 files and no media at all.
Can you tell me what do I have to do, to get what I want? I am using Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.7.3140.

Thank you for your time.

Oleg Chernavin
12/12/2009 12:41 pm
I think, you need to increase the Level setting. Because 1 means the starting page and only the pages directly linked to it. Try to set 20 or even uncheck this setting for unlimited download.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Chris Manny
12/13/2009 09:46 am
Hi Oleg!

This works great now, thank you for your help.
One additional question: I have 10 connections, but only 3 are working simultaneously. Is it a server related issue?

Chris Manny
Oleg Chernavin
12/13/2009 01:31 pm
It is easy to check - change the "Use alternative connection method" box state on the Internet tab of the Ribbon and see if it helps. If not, it is definetely a server-side limitation.