Terminating download of a large file

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Joane 11/21/2009 09:33 am
I was wondering if there's a way to terminate (not to skip) the download of a file if it contains a keyword or if it's size (of what has already been downloaded) exceeds a certain value.

If it is not I think that this would be a very valuable option. Because sometimes it's absolutely necessary that OE starts the download of each and every file, but downloading the full file itself is not necessary or just to long, and it's impossible to abort all of the downloads manually.
I hope there's way to do this automatically.

Kind regards, Joanne.
Samuel 11/21/2009 05:29 pm
I also have been wondering how to do that for quite a while. Sometimes when I download a project I can't make OE stop downloading a file and start downloading the next one when its size exceeds a limit. With some types of files there's no way to know their size in advance without first downloading them. That is quite frustrating and traffic-unfriendly. I guess the same applies to ulr like this:
I know there are max & min file size limits but it doesn't seem to work in this case.

Oleg Chernavin 11/22/2009 12:38 pm
Please set the max limit in all File Filters categories. I think, this should help. If this also fails, let me know. I will work on the improvements.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Joane 11/23/2009 05:04 pm
Thank you so much. It solves most of the problems.
But it still would be great if the content filter would search the file, which is being downloaded, for keywords on the fly. And then abort the download of the file and not of the whole project.

Oleg Chernavin 11/24/2009 05:01 am
I see. I will add this feature to our plans.