Why update deleted old files?

Ali Yilmaz
02/09/2009 06:56 pm

I''ve been trying OEE 5.3.2932 and I have a daily updated picture site project. My aim is to accumulate new along with the old pictures to the size of a CD for burning. Project is set to "download new modified", "check sizes", "skip existing". I believed these are enough to get new while keeping old files...

Yesterday the site (content + format) changed where most of content I''ve collected in a week was gone. My last update resulted with the "OE wiping all previously downloaded files" remaining only changed format. Despite losing near CD full of content, I can''t figure out why? Can you explain what can be the reason or the correct settings for keeping old files no matter what?

Also since I don''t like to start another thread for this, please take a look at;

Screen-shot is taken from Microsoft Process Explorer when OEE is "doing absolutely NOTHING" AFAIK, no downloading, no parsing, just sitting on the tray yet disturbing other applications by creating 100% CPU usage spikes at regular intervals. I strongly believe there''s something wrong with version 5.3.2932 since I can''t find a suitable explanation for such behavior...

Please at least help me with the first problem...
Ali Yilmaz
02/09/2009 07:03 pm
Sorry but a little update;

For the second problem, I moved all files in the Project folder (12 projects) in case if any huge Project may cause this. The result didn''t change at all where OEE giving CPU spikes constantly doing nothing...
Oleg Chernavin
02/10/2009 10:25 am
Offline Explorer can remove old files only if you have any of the following lines in the URLs field:


Otherwise it ignores old files and do not removes them. It is also possible that you chose to delete project files and then started the download?

Regarding CPU usage - does this happen after downloading sites or even after you start the program and before the download?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff