Cannot correctly download from this site - XSI netview. Please advise.

J Mabuhay
12/26/2008 11:56 am
I''m trying to download everything in this directory and below:
It''s a site that contains scripts and addons for the 3D program XSI.

I configure OE to get everything on the server below that directory.

Initially the download runs fine, but if I check the finished product later, the links are not translated correctly and all the scripts have not been downloaded.

It''s like something gets lost in the download/link translation process.

As an example, at that site, click "mcp & ui". Notice the second line, it''s called "Move Joint". Click either the "run" or "details" links on the far right. Both of them don''t get downloaded. And that goes for -all- of them.

What settings do I need to correctly get all the links? As I think this might be a bug or something, it''d be great if the settings have been tested first.
Oleg Chernavin
12/28/2008 08:21 am
I am really sorry - I examined the site and its scripts are very complex. It is impossible to load all links on it so far.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff