Download Sitemap?

Paul D
08/11/2008 05:36 pm
I hope you can help. I thought I''d downloaded a particularly large site, the downloads appeared to be working fine. When I checked the download directory it was empty. If I check the "Map" tab though it shows the full site map of all the files that should have been downloaded.

It''s taken a lot of filtering and logic to get the correct files in the site map. I don''t want to have to download the entire site again as it''s several gig in size. Is it possible just to download the files already in the sitemap without having to go through the entire site again?

For future reference could you tell me how I''ve managed not to download the site to disk and just generate the map? I can see the files downloading - they have to correctly build the map because it uses content filters as well.

Oleg Chernavin
08/13/2008 01:03 pm
Maybe the files are there, you just looked at some other place? You can right-click a file in the Map and choose Properties to see if it really exists or not.

However there is a way to generate site map only - the Site Map button on the Home tab of the Ribbon. It is after Start/Suspend/Stop buttons.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Paul D
08/13/2008 07:04 pm
No, they''re not there. To be honest I''m pretty annoyed, I''ve left this running for 4 days now and the results just aren''t acceptable:

a) I have files in the sitemap that aren''t on disk
b) I have files on disk that aren''t on the sitemap
c) I have empty folders on disk that should contain content that don''t and these don''t appear in the site map either.
d) Content from the site that should have downloaded hasn''t. For example 3 links on a page all follow the same pattern and match filter criteria, 2 of them download and the 3rd doesn''t. That''s annoying.

I''ve tried the "Restore Project Map" option to see if that would load the files and empty directories into the sitemap - it hasn''t, it makes no difference at all. I''ve tried to "download missing files" - that''s done nothing of any note, the folders that were empty still are, the

I''m seem to be in a position where I have partial data and there''s no efficient way of downloading the folders and files that are missing. Please do tell me if it''s possible to do this. Can I add my empty folders to the sitemap and then _only_ download just that folder from within the site map.

I''d love to be able to use the help but quite frankly it''s a joke - as far as I''m concerned at the moment this product is simply an example of a company that has labelled a product as "enterprise" without really understanding what an "enterprise" solution is namely stable and well documented.

Unless I can resolve this issue I''ll be proposing to my company that we request a full refund and don''t make any further purchases from you.
Oleg Chernavin
08/14/2008 09:38 am
I think, we will be able to solve this. Can you select the Project and press Ctrl+F5 to get missing files? This should also make the files visible in the Map.

Paul D
08/15/2008 01:08 pm
As I indicated I''ve already tried that and it''s made no difference. TBH I''ve given up with it, it''s not a product that''s usable or reliable enough. Whether it''s the scale of what I''ve downloaded I don''t know. I''m not prepared to try it again, I can''t afford to lose another 4 days.

I''m a software developer and it''s very rare I get annoyed about things like because I understand the challenges and complexities of software development. The results on this occasion though are too wide of the mark to be acceptable.

I''ve already found several open source products that may not have the apparent bells and whistles of your product but they''re working much better.
Oleg Chernavin
08/15/2008 03:29 pm
I see. I am sorry for this. We will try to figure out what could be wrong.