Download a username anda password site protected

06/02/2008 03:27 am
Hi, excusem by my porr english, ai''m not a native english speaker


I need dowload a part of a protected site for username anda password. I follow the steps by Oleg, but i dont have successful.
Example the site is

I browse to the logon page of the site using the internal Browser of Offline Explorer Enterprise (ver 4.0) I introduce my username and password and I press and hold the Alt + Ctrl keys on my keyboard, I click the Logon button in the Web form and release the keyboard buttons.

Now I get a new Project:

and this is the sdownload site, but i need download a part of this site as dawn:

, all the archives of this part of the site
only americaneaglegm,, but the OE download only http:/..../signin,
when I explore the site with OE it show a directory of files, but not an HTM page.

Please help me, this problem is with any other site that I like download with username and password. I think that im going to commit suicide.

Thanks a lot
Oleg Chernavin
06/02/2008 05:32 am
Can you please try to check the NTLM box in the Options dialog - Proxy section? Click the OK button and try to logon the site in the Internal browser again, browse to the desired page to start download from and create a new Project with this URL. Add a line to the Project''s URLs field:


and start downloading.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff