Probelm D/L a Forum based on JavaScript links for "Next Page"

05/16/2008 05:47 pm
Hi there I just got a copy of offline explorer Enterprise v5.0 and I am testing it out for my company deciding what product to buy.
I ran some tests and few web sites with some success.

there is one problem I am trying to understand how to over come maybe you could help me out.
the following Link:

I can''t seem to be able to d/l for then 1 level down or at least I can''t browse it after D/L
e.g I dl/ using OE then I "Browse" I goto link "Active Directory" - works fine then I goto whatever link on that page - works fine as well, But when I try pressing on the Link "2", "3", "4", etc (page 1,2,3,4) it displays nothing.
I think it works with JavaScript the "2,"3",etc.
how do I D/L this entire link and down what config I should be Using?
Oleg Chernavin
05/21/2008 12:07 pm
I am sorry. I tried several ways to make this working, but nothing helped yet.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff