Projects ansaves, No Duplicate removal, Wrong file names saved, No sorting

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Alex 03/28/2008 10:39 pm
OE Enterprise works Great !
There're some problems:
1. If PC crashes or rebooted or I close OE - and open OE - Last Project is empty and not saved all URLs grabbed previously.
So I need to wait till it grab URLs again and again....
2. There're NO duplicate URLs autoremoval from Queue!! So OE should visit same URLs 2-3 times
3. I don't understand why and How to get Normal Files names - instead OE save files with abnormal file names.
It saves file as forcedownload.php@set_id=146462&clip=001&ext=wmv
instead of saving target file as 146462.wmv
So I have a lot of crap files downloaded (((
(Mass Downloader save as needed 146462.wmv) But OE don't.
4. OE not shows file sizes at Queue and no Sorting there by Name, Extention or Size.

All above very unusefull for me in compare with other Downloaders (((

Please answer
Oleg Chernavin 03/30/2008 12:26 pm
1. All files are on the hard disk. You can restore the Project Map by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+F5 to get all missing files. You may also suspend (F9) to prevent it from downloading and stop when the Parsing(XX) message disappears from the Status Bar.

2. It doesn't add duplicate links there. There are two exceptions. First is redirections. Sometimes servers redirect the same URLs, but the source of redirection may render different contents. This is why this kind of duplicate is allowed.

Second is forms submission. They have the same URLs, but different POST requests and - as a result - different resulting pages. You can copy POST request by right-clicking a URL in the Queue.

3. Yes, all links are saved with filenames derived from URLs. It is OK when you browse inside Offline Explorer. To add standard extensions, change filenames to shorter ones or to convert site to other formats, please use File - Export feature.

4. Queue cannot show file size, because it lists only links to download. Before a link starts downloading, Offline Explorer cannot even guess an approximate file size.

Sorting is quite hard. Because Offline Explorer was developed to download millions of links and in most cases part of the queue is located on hard disk to occupy less memory. Thus, sorting a queue would slow down most operations when downloading huge Web sites.

We decided not to implement sorting feature only to achieve best possible performance for huge sites downloads.

The same is true for the file size in Queue. If you mean File Downloaders software, they are different from Offline Browsers. When you add files to a downloader, it tests the file by asking the server for its size, etc. But you never add thousands of files there. Even a thousand of files would take minutes (or hours on some sites) to get length of each of the files.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff