download this forum questions

09/12/2007 09:12 pm
I want to download *only* the *website watcher support forum*,do not know below configuration is right or not,not want to download other forums.

since the website watcher support forums

website forums url

properties url:

*f=3*distinguished from other forums,so I added the first page of that forum,but the all the post is using indistinguished url ,that mean I have no idea will this setup will download all other forum threads(but I only want this forum posts)
the post url example is in this forum:

but it is not distinguished from other forums,one example is :

that mean they all have php?t ,and the numbers after it is no meaning to mark it from others.

I tried this setting,do you think it okay?

protocol :from all
start from server
load only with starting directory
filename custom :
viewtopic php

Oleg Chernavin
09/13/2007 12:54 pm
The above settings should be fine. But if some post inside the desireable topic will contain a link to some other post on another topic, it will be followed and it will be impossible to stop that.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff