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Bob 05/30/2007 09:20 am
I have Offline Explorer Enterprise v4.6 - After downloading a web site and moving the files to another PC with a smaller display, I am unable to view the whole page - there seems to be no way of resizing the window or using a scroll bar (not available)

Oleg Chernavin 05/30/2007 09:29 am
What window do you mean (which cannot be resized/scrolled) - Offline Explorer's screen, your web browser or something else?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Bob 05/30/2007 04:26 pm
The windows I refer to relates to my web browser (Explorer or Firefox)

Oleg Chernavin 05/31/2007 03:34 am
Web browsers should have their own resize/scrolling features and they are not influenced by Offline Explorer. Does this happen only on one downloaded site or on all of them?

Do you view just HTML files from the disk or you have exported pages to some other format?

Bob 06/05/2007 04:45 am
This website has a movie on the opening page that starts to play automatically.

This is the only site that I have this problem with.

Pages exported as HTML files.

Oleg Chernavin 06/05/2007 04:51 am
I think that this happens because the page is being read from the disk, not from the server. I would suggest you to export to a compressed EXE viewer.

Bob 06/06/2007 10:48 am
Could you please explain what is meant by a compressed EXE viewer?

Oleg Chernavin 06/06/2007 10:56 am
You can use File - Export feature to make an EXE file with the site and viewer embedded. This will make sure that it will browse sites exactly the same way as inside Offline Explorer.